Rhyl is a fun coastal town in Wales where travellers can embark on an adventure with thrilling water sports or take in the cultural offerings at local theatres. Marine Lake is a particularly popular destination for water sports, with wakeboarding and waterskiing being readily available at North Wales’ only salt lake. At Rhyl East Beach, the atmosphere is a bit more laid back, offering opportunities to relax on the soft sands of the shore and look out into the picturesque water.

The local culture is often best experienced through live performances, and that’s exactly what travellers will find at the Rhyl Pavilion Theatre. Not only can you enjoy plays and other productions played out by talented local actors, but you’ll find refreshing drinks here as well, making it a satisfying end to any day in Rhyl. The Rhyl Town Hall, conveniently located right in the middle of the town centre, is also often used as a venue for live events.

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  • 10 Best Things to Do in Rhyl

    The best things to do in Rhyl range from the aquatic adventure of water sports and water parks to cultural offerings at area theatres. If you want to enjoy some outdoor fun, you can head out into the sea or the river in a boat or simply enjoy the only salt lake in Northern Wales.Also, you'll find an entire water...

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Where & what to eat in Rhyl

  • 5 Best Restaurants in Rhyl

    If you want to know the best restaurants in Rhyl, look no further. This hugely popular seaside destination in North Wales is great for a classic coastal getaway with plenty to do, see, and eat. Rhyl entices visitors with its clean beach, reasonable prices and fresh, sea air. Rhyl restaurants mostly tend towards casual dining, with just a hint of the...

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