Pyeongchang things to do involve outdoor adventures for every season, from national parks to ski resorts and water parks, as well as cultural experiences and historic sites. In the summer, Phoenix Pyeongchang has a water park and championship-level golf. Wellihillipark has a summer water park and hiking trails. Peak Island offers waterslides and pools, both indoor and outdoor. Blue Canyon Water Park provides rides, swimming, slides and relaxation.

In the wintertime, ski resorts abound. Gariwangsan has alpine woods and ski trails. Phoenix Pyeongchang and Wellihillipark both convert to full ski resorts during colder months, with challenging slopes and comfortable lodges. History enthusiasts will want to check out Wojeongsa Temple and Fir Tree Forest, which offer a pagoda, Buddhist temple and majestic forest, making it a great spot for a visit any time of the year. Lee Hyo-seok Culture Village provides a living museum dedicated to the life and times of a famed local author with many historic buildings, shops and eateries.

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