Food and dining in Pyeongchang highlight local specialities made from buckwheat and local beef called hanwoo, akin to Japanese wagyu beef. Hanwoo beef is served at popular barbecue restaurants like Darae Hanwoo and Daegwallyeong Hanwoo Jinbu. You can also enjoy it in American-style burgers at spots like Café Paul and Mary or Bikini Burger, where you’ll also find American ex-pats.

Buckwheat is used in many creative ways. You’ll experience everything from the rich and classic buckwheat pancake to buckwheat jelly soups or rice and fish balls seasoned with thistle. Olympic Market is a standout traditional market where you can discover these and many other local delicacies. Don’t forget to sample the local cafe culture on Gangneung Coffee Street along the coast, where you can get great espresso, enjoy superb pastries and view local art.

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