Amsterdam is a city in the Netherlands full of rich history, culture and unique places to visit. With canals crisscrossing historic streets, old-world architecture, and plenty of charm, you’re almost sure to fall in love with some of Amsterdam’s most popular streets.

    Whether you’re in the mood for a relaxing stroll through a historic neighbourhood, or a lively urban street full of shopping and local hotspots, Amsterdam has it all. Learn about some of the most famous streets and areas to visit on your trip to Amsterdam.


    Nieuwe Hoogstraat

    Shop for goods on one of the city's busiest shopping streets

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    Nieuwe Hoogstraat is a fun and bustling shopping street favoured by locals and tourists in the city of Amsterdam. Located in Amsterdam-Centrum, Nieuwe Hoogstraat is a street that connects the Oude Hoogstraat with the Sint Antoniesbreestraat.

    Since the Middle Ages, Nieuwe Hoogstraat has been in Amsterdam and now features various shops and boutiques, trendy restaurants, cafes and local hotspots. Though the street is not open to cars, be sure to leave the centre lane clear for bicycle riders on Nieuwe Hoogstraat.


    photo by Steven Lek (CC BY-SA 4.0) modified



    Find Dutch gifts in traditional shops

    Javastraat, or Java Street, is a main shopping street in the Indische Buurt in Amsterdam East. The street is an extension of Eerste van Swindenstraat, and connects Celebesstraat to Javaplantsoen.

    Javastraat offers a great mix of Dutch staples and modern shops and eateries, from local bakeries and greengrocers to chic espresso bars, cocktail lounges, and ethnic restaurants. Plenty of streetside cafes and restaurants here offer outdoor seating, making it a popular spot for locals to socialise. You'll get lost in the vaierty of options during your time here.



    Explore unique shops on a historic thoroughfare

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    Brouwersgracht is a historic street and canal that connects the Singel with the Singelgracht on the border of the Amsterdam canal belt. Full of historic buildings and old-world charm, the street was once voted “The most beautiful street in Amsterdam” by readers of Het Parool.

    Brouwersgracht’s historic charm is carried over from functional warehouses and former breweries, now converted into picturesque residential homes. Several unique bridges span the Brouwersgracht canal, including iron lift bridges, a West Indian House bridge and a Paper Mill Lock.



    See the monuments on a heritage street

    The Lindengracht is a former canal in Amsterdam, now a historic street in the Centrum district of the Jordaan neighbourhood. There’s plenty of notable history to be found in the area, from famous former residents to historic riots, with 21 unique national monuments located along the Lindengracht.

    Lindengracht is a lively centre of commerce, with a variety of charming neighbourhood shops, restaurants and homes. A popular weekly market is held in Lindengracht on Saturday’s from 9 am to 4 pm, offering a range of fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, cheeses, baked goods and home goods.



    Explore the secret islands

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    Prinseneiland is one of 3 islands located in the Centrum district of Amsterdam, known as the Westelijke Eilanden, or Western Islands. Often referred to as secret islands, the atmosphere in Prinseneiland is quiet and peaceful and a great place to enjoy a scenic stroll.

    Many of the unique homes and apartments in Prinseneiland are in converted spaces within former historic warehouses, many dating back to World War II. The neighbourhood’s vintage charms draw artists and visitors from around the city to enjoy the unique sights.


    Gerard Doustraat

    Take pictures of historic landmarks

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    Gerard Doustraat is a historic one-way street in Amsterdam-Zuid, within the Pipe district. The street is unusual for its archaic planning style, built in the 19th-century to be a long and incredibly narrow street lined with unusually deep and narrow houses.

    The city has sought to preserve the character of Gerard Doustraat through a multi-phase renovation, so visitors to the area will see a combination of old and restored buildings. Municipal and national monuments are prevalent throughout the area, including a Jewish synagogue, a Sikh temple, and a unique corner building nicknamed The Point.



    Walk a medieval travel route

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    Amstelveenseweg is a road that connects Amsterdam and Amstelveen, with early origins that can be tied back to the 13th century. This historic throughway has grown and served as an integral connecting road to the south of Holland and beyond for decades.

    Amstelveenseweg today is a bustling centre of commerce and culture, with a wide range of historical sites to explore and public art pieces, monuments and unique architecture to see. History buffs may enjoy checking out the Electric Museum Tram Line Amsterdam, whose tram line runs through the area.


    photo by Maxo (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified



    Shop and dine on a popular thoroughfare

    Overtoom is a main thoroughfare in Overtoombuurt, in the Amsterdam-West district. The area is easily accessible by public transportation, and Tram 1 runs right through the middle of Overtoom, so it's easy to get to.

    Overtoom is popular with locals and visitors alike, with various quaint cafes, ethnic restaurants, organic supermarkets, local shops and boutiques. The area also is known for charming architectural features and historic sites, including the former Wilhelmina Gasthuis hospital. Keep your eyes open because there is somethign to see all around.


    Oudezijds Voorburgwal

    Find elicit delights canalside

    Oudezijds Voorburgwal encompasses a street and canal in De Wallen in central Amsterdam and is often referred to as OZ Voorburgwal. Incredibly, this historic canal's early history can be tied back to the 14th century.

    Today OZ Voorburgwal is one of the most famous streets within the famour Red Light District, with destinations ranging from sex shops and peep shows to bars and cannabis coffee houses. The area is also packed with historic sites, captivating architecture and famous buildings for you to enjoy.



    See treasured canal homes along the water

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    The Herengracht is one of the canals that make up the Amsterdam canal belt and sits between the Singel and the Keizersgracht. Named in the year 1612, the canal is lined with some of the most prestigious canal homes in the city, particularly along the Golden Bend.

    Herengracht is a great place to explore, full of historic buildings and elaborate architecture in monumental canal homes by the water. You’ll also find elaborate landmark gardens, a range of museums and cultural centres, as well as unique bridges across the canal.

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