Île de Beauté is a fitting name for the beautiful island of Corsica. Located near the heart of the Mediterranean, the picturesque landscape provides an excellent setting for a summer vacation in France. While Corsica offers such a wide variety of activities, it is perhaps relaxing on the island's beaches that attracts people the most.

    Corsica’s warm climate welcomes travellers all year round. Its geographical diversity creates a multitude of leisure activities. The adventurous can hike mountains or climb cliffs, while nature lovers can explore reserves and deep-blue coves. Gastronomically curious travellers can delight in traditional Corsican cuisine and discover how locals make their famous cheeses and honey. Check out our guide to the best beaches in Corsica, all of which boasts crystal-clear waters and white sand set against a backdrop of majestic mountains, pink cliffs and copper-tinted rock faces.


    Plage de Saleccia

    Be rewarded with a gorgeous view after an arduous trip

    Plage de Saleccia is so far away from the nearest town in Corsica that it’s almost paradisiacal. It’s off the beaten path, but worth the arduous trip. By land, you can get to this paradise through a 10-km dirt road from Casta. The journey can get rather bumpy, so it’s best to get there by motorcycle or 4x4.

    Most people choose to take speedboat taxis instead, which can be equally exciting as well. While access to Plage de Saleccia can be challenging, you’ll be rewarded with clear turquoise water and pearly white sand.

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    Location: Santo Pietro Di Tenda, 20246 Santo-Pietro-di-Tenda, Corsica, France


    photo by Pierre Bona (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified


    Sperone Beaches

    Enjoy some of the finest sands and the most stunning views in Corsica

    The beaches of Petit Sperone and Grand Sperone are around 10 km apart, both of which are accessible from Piantarella Beach. You can find extra-fine white sand and spectacular views of Sardinia and Lavezzi islands.

    Spend the morning in Petit Sperone, before heading off to Grand Sperone in the late afternoon to catch the sunset. The 2 beaches are quite popular especially during the peak season, so expect to share their beauty with crowds of tourists.

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    Location: Plage du petit Sperone, Pointe de Sperone, 20169 Bonifacio, France



    Enchanting ocean floor beneath crystal-clear waters

    One of the busiest beaches south of Corsica, Palombaggia is known for its clear blue waters, white sand and pine trees. It’s a great spot for snorkelling, and you’ll be impressed with the sight of red stones glittering on the ocean floor. You can rent some equipment and enjoy various water sports.

    Food isn’t a problem as there are plenty of beach restaurants near Palombaggia. There are also good cocktail bars where you can enjoy a couple of drinks while watching the sunset.

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    Location: Porto-Vecchio 20137, France


    Plage de l'Ostriconi

    A picturesque beach amid wild vegetation and sand dunes

    Plage de l'Ostriconi is notable for its stretch of sand dunes, fine stones and seagrass. Impressive mountains serve as its backdrop, and the nature reserve located right next to it adds to its appeal. Tranquil waters make it safe enough for children but do watch out for small waves as the tide changes. The beach is also dog-friendly, so you can bring along your furry friend.

    While there is an available carpark, you’d still have to walk about 1 km to the beach. If you have children in tow, this could either be an adventure or a burdensome walk – although they might enjoy crossing the small stream to get to the beach.

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    Location: Lieu-dit Ostriconi, 20226 Palasca, France


    Calvi Beach

    Crystal-blue waters amid snowy mountain peaks

    The length of Calvi’s main beach stretches across several train stations in Calvi. Whether you enjoy calm waters or the sight of seaweed, Calvi Beach has a spot for you. You can also go on a boat ride and spot dolphins or fin whales.

    Portside restaurants add to the charm of this beach. You have a lot of good pubs to enjoy traditional Corsican cuisine. Once you’ve taken your fill, be mesmerised by the enchanting view of the snowy peaks of nearby mountains.

    Location: Calvi Beach, 20260 Calvi, France


    Plage du Lotu

    A dreamy beach off the beaten path

    Plage du Lotu is only a half-hour boat ride from the Saint-Florent commune in Corsica. If you’re up for an adventure, you can also get there on foot – just make sure you’re fit enough to tackle the 4-hour walk. Although getting there can be cumbersome, you’d be warmly welcomed by a beautiful beach guarded by 2 rocky promontories. The entire place is remarkably clean despite it being a popular tourist destination.

    Location: Plage du Lotu, 20217 Saint-Florent, France



    Delight in the magical colours of the sunset

    The granite lion guarding the Genoese tower of Roccapina is among the most popular features of this popular beach destination in Corsica. The lion is shaped by nature from pink granite and is a marvel to behold. Add to that the beautiful sandy beach, clear turquoise water, red cliffs and the magical colours of sunset, and you’d have a scenic view straight out of a painting. To bask in the beauty of Roccapina, you’ll have to walk along a narrow pathway.

    Location: Plage de Roccapina, 20100 Sartène, France


    photo by Bonachera jf (CC BY-SA 4.0) modified


    Plage de Cupabia

    Unspoilt beach for adventurous families

    Plage de Cupabia, a lovely unspoilt beach, is a good choice for families with children. It is known for its clear, shallow waters, sand dunes, soft sand and great waves. Children can enjoy snorkelling and shell-hunting on the long beach. There is a camping area with a small restaurant nearby, so food won’t be a problem.

    Plage de Cupabia is a mere 20-minute drive from Porto Pollo. A carpark is also available, so you can bring beach accessories without having to worry about lugging them for long distances. There isn’t much shade on the beach, so it’s advisable to bring a parasol with you.

    Location: Coti-Chiavari, 20138, France


    Campomoro Beach

    Lovely sunsets on a cosy beach

    A cosy beach in a quaint seaside village, Campomoro Beach offers shallow waters, fine sand and a stunning view that is excellent for enjoying sunsets. Its clear waters are shallow and calm, which makes this beach suitable for families with young children. Swimming areas are also cordoned off to keep swimmers away from fishing areas.

    There are bars and restaurants nearby Campomoro, but they can be a bit expensive. Bring a packed lunch if you’re on a budget. Getting there requires a bit of driving, but well worth for its scenic bay. Parking is limited, so get there early to secure a good spot.

    Location: Campomoro, 20110 Belvédère-Campomoro, France


    Plage de Bodri

    Playful waves for active children

    The stunning scenery of Plage de Bodri sets the mood for a laidback day at the beach in Corsica. The waves are just right for children who can safely play near the shore. The calm waters also make it a popular spot for snorkelling. When you need to refill for energy, you can grab some sandwiches and other easy-to-eat snacks from food trucks along the footpath.

    The beach can get a little crowded during peak season, but it’s nothing too overwhelming. There is also a campsite near the beach, so expect crowds during camping season. Getting to this beach is only a 10-minute drive from Ile Rousse. It’s also accessible via train.

    Location: Beach of Bodri, 20256 Corbara, France

    Geri Mileva | Contributing Writer

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