Guam is known for its stunning beaches that offer fun in the sun all year long, but it has a thriving nightlife as well. You'll find plenty of places to grab a drink or relax with some friends, but that's just the beginning of everything this island has to offer after dark.

    Among the attractions of Guam's nightlife, you'll find marketplaces that offer exclusive items along with opportunities to take in picturesque sunsets from the water. Take a look at the best things to do after dinner in Guam to make your holiday unforgettable.


    Guam sunset cruise

    Treat yourself to a luxurious cruise

    • Food
    • Nightlife
    • Couples
    • Adventure

    A Guam sunset cruise is one of the best ways to start your evening, as you'll find it has just as much food and drink as it does scenic views. The key feature of any sunset cruise is the view, of course, as you can see the oranges and reds of dusk intersect with the water, creating a tapestry of colour to enjoy.

    In addition to the sights, you'll find that many cruises in Guam offer incredible food and drink options. In fact, it's not uncommon to find all-you-can-eat barbecue buffets and unlimited beer and wine. Several cruises are available all around the island, but the highest concentration is around Tumon.


    Chamorro Village Wednesday Night Market

    Go shopping after dark

    • Food
    • Shoppers
    • Nightlife

    The Chamorro Village Wednesday Night Market is one of the best places to shop at night if you're looking for local items produced and crafted by talented Guamanians. Fresh produce is available in excess here, with local growers happy to show off what they have on offer, including fresh juices.

    Food is a major part of this market, and it's not uncommon for the entire market to smell like barbecue. You'll find other items too, however, like custom handicrafts and apparel. It's all located in the capital city of Hagatna.

    Location: Hagåtña, 96913, Guam


    photo by Junpei Abe (CC BY 2.0) modified


    Tumon Night Market

    Shop a food market

    • Food
    • Shoppers
    • Nightlife

    Tumon Night Market is a bustling food market that's held after dark every Saturday night and offers delicious fresh meats and barbecue samplings. More than 2 dozen different stands have a presence at this market, so you can enjoy a nice variety of food during your visit.

    While much of the market features the iconic Chamorro barbecue Guam is known for, you'll also find international vendors offering Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese cuisine. Try it all out for yourself in Tumon by the western beachfront.

    Location: Tamuning, 96913, Guam


    Taotao Tasi Guam

    Enjoy a dinner theatre beach show

    • Families
    • Nightlife

    Taotao Tasi Guam offers delicious food and live performances in equal measure all situated by the beach, making Chamorro cultural performance better than ever. The show was designed and produced by local cultural experts and designers who have experience with Cirque du Soleil.

    The performance here is among the largest in all of Guam, and it all takes place on the beach. It's also appropriate for all ages, so it makes for a great evening out with the whole family. It's all available on the main beach in Tumon.

    Location: Gun beach, Tumon, 96913, Guam

    Phone: +1 671-646-8000


    Sandcastle Guam

    See a magic show

    • Nightlife

    Sandcastle Guam is a live-performance dinner theatre experience where you can witness illusions, acrobatics, and more. The performances here can be quite complex, taking a lot of their inspiration from the top-quality, world-renowned performances in Las Vegas.

    The shows here often feature much more than simple magic illusions, with large-scale tricks also being performed in the elegant theatre. Sometimes, animals like tigers are involved in the shows as well. You can see it for yourself in Upper Tumon near the western coast.

    Location: 1199 Pale San Vitores Rd, Tamuning, 96913, Guam

    Phone: +1 671-646-6800


    Lava Lounge

    Relax in a fun lounge

    • Nightlife

    Lava Lounge is a fun and laid-back establishment designed to let you enjoy a simple night out with friends for drinks, games, and karaoke. Karaoke is available in the lounge, but you'll also find 4 private rooms where you can enjoy it as well if you don't want a larger audience.

    Several game areas are available throughout the lounge, like a dartboard where you and your friends can test your aim and see how it changes throughout the night. You can get to this lounge near the heart of Tumon a few steps away from the north shore.

    Location: 626 Pale San Vitores Rd, Tamuning, 96913, Guam

    Open: Daily from 7 pm to 2 am


    Livehouse Guam

    Visit an alternative rock venue

    • Nightlife

    Livehouse Guam is a live music venue that predominantly focuses on alternative rock music with performers showcasing music both old and new. A lot of the performers here are local groups, but you'll find several big-name touring acts as well, though nothing to the degree of Top 40 artists.

    While you'll find live music here every single night, bigger shows tend to happen on the weekends. Additionally, Sunday is reserved for showcasing new artists. You'll find the venue in northern Tamuning.

    Location: Tamuning, 96913, Guam

    Open: Tuesday–Saturday from 6 am to 2 pm (closed Sunday-Monday)

    Phone: +1 671-486-5449


    The Beach Restaurant & Bar Guam

    Check out a massive beach bar

    The Beach Restaurant & Bar Guam is one of the biggest on the island and boasts several main decks and live entertainment to complement a full-service bar and restaurant. The decks offer open-air areas to relax in while live music is played just about every night of the week.

    The drink selection at this establishment is impressive, with all sorts of margaritas and coronaritas. Signature slushies are quite popular as well. You can experience it all yourself just southwest of Harmon Village right on the beach.

    Location: 96913 Gun Beach Rd, Tamuning, 96910, Guam

    Open: Thursday from 4 pm to 10 pm, Friday–Saturday from noon to midnight, Sunday from noon to 10 pm (closed Monday–Wednesday)

    Phone: +1 671-788-3668


    The Globe Nightclub Guam

    Party at a vibrant nightclub

    • Nightlife

    The Globe Nightclub Guam is one of the most prominent nightclubs on the island and sports upscale decor, state-of-the-art lights and sound, and plenty of drinks. DJs play top hits at this club in an effort to emulate the atmosphere of a New York City-style nightclub.

    When you visit, you'll find posh decor with modern, sleek designs as well as colourful lights that seem to dance along with the music. Plus, it features multiple seating levels and plenty of space. See it all for yourself in northern Tamuning near the main road by the coast.

    Location: 1199 Pale San Vitores Rd, Tamuning, 96910, Guam

    Phone: +1 671-646-8000


    The W Nightclub

    Dance the night away at a premier club

    • Nightlife

    The W Nightclub is one of the top destinations for nightlife on the island with direct dancing, music, and drinks that you can enjoy until the early morning. With high-tech lighting and sound, you'll find yourself bathed in vibrant colours throughout the entire experience.

    In this club, you'll find 3 separate bars available along with 2 large dance floors with live DJs, too. The music is a fun assortment of genres, but it all tends to be upbeat. You can get to this club by heading near the centre of Tumon, with the club itself being just a short distance from the northern shore.

    Location: 914 Blue Lagoon Plaza, Tumon, 96912, Guam

    Open: Friday–Sunday from 8 am to 2 pm (closed Monday–Thursday)

    Phone: +1 671-482-4342


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