The best things to do after dinner in the Cayman Islands prove that you can keep packing in the fun even after the sun sinks into the Caribbean Sea. Daytime activities like kayaking or diving can become even more magical at night, when you see a different side to ocean life.

    The Cayman Islands have an outstanding nightlife scene on land, too, taking advantage of warm tropical nights. Standout activities include dancing at beachside bars, listening to live music, or having drinks on a waterfront terrace. There are also excellent theatres putting on plays, musicals, and dance – great for those with a thriving interest in local art and culture.


    Beach clubs

    Enjoy a drink with incredible ocean views

    • Nightlife

    The Cayman Islands offer a huge range of beach clubs, most of which have gorgeous ocean views. You can take advantage of the balmy Caribbean weather and enjoy a drink under the stars. At night, many beach clubs host live music, so parties often spill over onto the sand.

    Head over to the Rum Point Club for buffets and banquets on the beach with fresh and unconventional cocktails. At the other end of the island, Eagle Ray's serves local beers and its famous lionfish tacos on the East End waterfront. If you're in George Town, try My Bar’s signature Cayman Sunset cocktail or the rum sangria at Silverside Rum Bar.


    Sunset cruise

    For one of the best sunset views on the islands

    • Nightlife
    • Couples

    There's no better time than sunset for a picturesque cruise around the pristine seas of the Cayman Islands. Many cruises sail up the coast of Seven Mile Beach on the west of the island, so you get a clear view of the sun dipping into the sea. You can enjoy dinner on the boat as you watch the island scenery glide past.

    Sunset cruises often include a short dive or swim so look out for rays and turtles gliding in the water. With so little light pollution on the Cayman Islands, you might even see the Milky Way during the excursion.


    Evening helicopter tour

    A stylish way to watch the sun go down

    • Nightlife
    • Couples
    • Photo
    • Luxury

    Helicopter tours are always a sensational way to experience the Cayman Islands, but go after dinner to see dazzling sunsets. You get to fly along the coast, giving you an aerial view of crystal-clear water, white beaches, and boats bobbing in the harbour, all lit by the mellow light of the setting sun.

    Several flights pass over historic shipwrecks or some of the island's oldest buildings. Helicopter tours can be combined with dinner or drinks at a beachside hotel, or as part of a day of diving and sightseeing. Bring your camera to snap some photos from a rarely seen vantage point.


    Bioluminescence kayak tour

    Witness the magical glow of ocean plankton

    • Nightlife
    • Adventure

    The Cayman Islands are among a very small number of places in the world where you can see bioluminescent plankton. These tiny organisms in the water light up at night, giving the ocean a blue-green glow. The islands have very little light pollution, so you get a spectacular view of the glimmering lights spread out underneath your boat.

    Kayaking is a great way to experience this phenomenon because every time you push your paddle through the water, the motion causes the plankton to light up. Tours leave from all over the island and generally start around nightfall. Check out companies like Cayman Kayaks, Cayman Sea Elements or Crazy Crab for kayak tours that get you really close to the action.


    Night diving in the Cayman Islands

    See nocturnal marine life in peaceful waters

    • Nightlife
    • Adventure

    The Cayman Islands have some of the best diving in the Caribbean, and diving at night only makes the experience more special. Clear waters mean visibility is good even in low light, and there are plenty of easy shore dives for first-timers. Check out local companies like Sunset Divers and Ocean Frontiers for regular night dives.

    Night diving lets you see totally different wildlife at night – it's common to spot lobsters, crabs, moray eels and octopus, while groupers often use diving lights for hunting. It's also a better time to dive in busy spots like Georgetown Harbour, which have less boat traffic at night. Come in September to see the arresting sight of spawning corals.


    FJ Harquail Cultural Centre

    Diverse entertainment and local culture

    • Nightlife
    • Couples
    • Families

    The FJ Harquail Cultural Centre is a hub for arts and culture on the island, featuring theatre, dance, fashion shows and poetry readings. The centre hosts the intimate Harquail Studio Theatre and the 300-seat Harquail Theatre. Both venues show a wide variety of films, musicals, and plays, as well as comedy nights, poetry readings, public speaking, and live music.

    The FJ Harquail Cultural Centre conserves Cayman culture with its wide programme of music and dance. It also showcases paintings, photography, and other artwork by local artists. Numerous international artists, including Caribbean dance troupes and a Canadian male voice choir, often perform at the complex. Come for the dinner theatre to enjoy a meal along with world-class entertainment.

    Location: 17 Harquail Dr, Cayman Islands

    Phone: +1 345-949-5477


    The Prospect Playhouse

    Colourful productions of music and theatre

    • Nightlife
    • Couples
    • Families

    The Prospect Playhouse stages plays, concerts and musicals on Grand Cayman. The venue is also home to the Cayman Drama Society, which is the next generation of Cayman Islands actors and musicians. Past shows have included a compilation of Broadway songs, Gilbert and Sullivan musicals, classic Shakespeare plays, modern theatre, and cabaret shows with cocktails.

    If you visit in winter, you shouldn't miss A Playhouse Family Christmas, a holiday-themed variety show for kids. The Prospect Playhouse hosts regular charity events and fundraisers. Before your show starts, grab a drink at the Curtain Call Bar, where beverages are customised to match the evening's entertainment.

    Location: Shamrock Road Grand Cayman KY1, 1109, Cayman Islands

    Phone: +1 345-938-1998


    Port of George Town

    Go bar-hopping around the bustling heart of Grand Cayman

    • Nightlife

    Many of the Cayman Islands' best bars cluster around the Port of George Town, one of the oldest areas of town. In between the ruins of Fort George and the island's National Museum, you can visit fun and friendly bars and try out local lagers like Caybrew and Mango Tango.

    Bar Crudo specialises in locally brewed beer, oysters, and fresh ceviche, while The Office Lounge has an extensive wine list. Drop by Sandbar Daiquiri Bar to mix and match flavours from its huge wall of frozen daiquiris. Sharkeez has more than 40 types of rum from around the Caribbean. It also has wraparound balconies with delightful views of the ocean.


    Seven Mile Beach

    Dance the night away to live music on on the sand

    • Nightlife

    At night, the bars along Seven Mile Beach come alive with laughter, music and dancing. Bands and DJs perform at many of the bars along the waterfront. If you wander along the beach, you might hear snatches of rock, pop, blues, or reggae. Live performances usually start at around 6 pm or 7 pm and go on until 9 pm or 10 pm.

    If you like karaoke, the Lodge Bar has a popular sing-along every Saturday night. The smooth tunes at Coccoloba Bar are accompanied by speciality margaritas, while LUCA has a live DJ performing right on the beach. Visit the Marriott Beach Resort to hear snappy pop songs and covers of popular artists.


    West Bay Road

    Hit the clubs for fun cocktails and the latest big hits

    • Nightlife

    The Cayman Islands' highest concentration of nightclubs is along West Bay Road, which stretches along the west coast of Grand Cayman. DJs play the hottest new songs while bartenders serve creative cocktails. One of the most popular spots is O Bar, where both resident and guest DJs from around the world keep the dance floor crowded with their best jams.

    Head over to Power Supply Bar for cocktails and music from their retro jukebox, or visit All Stars Sports Bar to play pool, darts or table football with a glass of chilled beer. For a slightly more upmarket vibe, the Backroom Cigar Bar has top quality spirits and an excellent cigar selection in a Prohibition-style setting.

    Victoria Hughes | Contributing Writer

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