Restaurants in Seogwipo offer a focus on fresh and seasonal cuisine so the menus change all the time based on the produce, meat and ingredients locally available at any given time. From unique meats like Jeju black pig pork to the delectable hallabong fruit and a seafood-centric culinary tradition, you'll find tons to enjoy. At B.Pork Bistro you can enjoy simple fusion cuisine. If you'd rather have regular white pork, Gudumi has delicious dishes. If you like sushi, you'll want to head for Sushi Aewol.

    Traditional milmyeon cold noodles can be found at Sanbang Restaurant. If you've never tried the local delicacy of seaweed soup, you'll find it at Osung Traditional Restaurant. For vegan treats you'll want to check out And Yu Café on the outskirts of Hallim.

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