Capri is the Mediterranean island of choice for the rich and famous. It's high-class restaurants and villas make it quite an exclusive destination, though it's still possible to enjoy the manicured landscape and glittering blue seas without spending a lot of euros.

    One of the star attractions on Capri is Monte Solaro, a craggy and volcanic mountain with a chairlift that takes you to the top. The sleepy town of Anacapri is also worth exploring. However, these spots are both overshadowed by the eerie glow of the Blue Grotto, which you have to see to believe.

    Where & what to eat in Capri Island

    • 12 Great Restaurants in Capri

      Capri isn’t just visually appealing, the landscape is also what gives local produce from the land and sea its unique flavour. Tomatoes, often accompanied by basil and chilli, are the star of many recipes, from spaghetti alla chiummenzana (tomato and herb sauce) to the caprese salad, made using tomatoes, basil and another regional delicacy: buffalo mozzarella. Caciotta is another local...

    Where to go & what to do at night in Capri Island

    • 8 Best Things to Do After Dinner in Capri

      Capri has dual appeal: it has island charm and unique character that’s removed from that of the mainland, and the glamour of an international holiday destination, popular with celebrities and the jet set. It's both a world unto itself and a cosmopolitan meeting point. Its bars are frequented by celebrities from every continent and languages from every country are heard...

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