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What to see and do in Algarve – a guide to notable attractions and activities

Whether you are interested in lazing on a warm golden beach, practicing your swing on a world-famous golf course or simply taking a hike through wild fields and woodland, Algarve has much to offer. 

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Lisbon city guide – ageing taverns, appetising cookery and astonishing history

Laced with twisting cobbled streets and tram lines on hilly terrains, Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world. But with its mixture of delectable cuisine, bustling bars, lively street music and historical sites, it is far from being outdated. Green open spaces, nearby beaches, rustic neighborhoods and an energetic nightlife work together to create a European city break worth taking.

A Portugal travel guide – wild Atlantic beaches, fresh seafood and Moorish cities

Holidays in Portugal are all about golden coastlines, alfresco fish suppers, and historic cites. Book a hotel in Portugal to lose yourself in haunting fado song and be swept up in the surging Atlantic.

An Algarve travel guide – sandy bays, championship golf courses and waterfront restaurants

It’s no surprise that Algarve holidays are a popular choice with their warm climate and long coastline. Between sunbathing and rounds of golf, Moorish castles, mountain spa retreats and fresh seafood dinners are within easy reach of Algarve hotels.

A Lisbon travel guide – hilltop castles, alfresco dining and fado in Moorish Alfama

A Lisbon city break is all about rattling tram rides, Bairro Alto street parties and strolls in labyrinthine Alfama. Choose a central Lisbon hotel to discover a youthful city with a rich history.

Where to stay in Lisbon – a district guide

Lisbon holds a diverse mixture of old, historical neighborhoods and lively, bustling areas. Delicious cuisine, rustic bars and lively streets can be found across the capital, however the districts within the city are all known for their individual personalities and charms. Whether you’re looking for a central location, right in the middle of the vibrant nightlife, or for a stay in the quieter hilly terrains of the city, there’s somewhere to suit everyone.

Where to shop in Lisbon - what to buy and where to get it

The city mixes big commercial malls with smaller old-fashioned shops to provide an eclectic mix of products to buy throughout the different districts. Its mixture of reasonable prices and mild temperatures makes Lisbon an ideal shopping destination, with it being Western Europe’s least expensive capital. Shops usually open around 10am and stay open throughout the evening until roughly 7-8pm throughout the week (with a mid-afternoon break for siesta).

Where to eat in Lisbon – a guide to local cuisine and dining

Portugal and its capital hold a rich culinary heritage, and with Lisbon being so close to the water, a lot of fresh seafood is served up in the restaurants, which are usually the dishes of the day or make up part of a tapas selection. Fresh local foods can be picked up at the local markets or in shops based around the main square.

Attractions and landmarks in Lisbon – a guide to what to see and do

Home to some of the country’s most significant landmarks and attractions, Lisbon holds Portugal’s history in its ancient treasures that are scattered across the capital. With trams zigzagging across the metropolis, the main landmarks and attractions are all within easy reach, whilst fine examples of Portuguese architecture can be seen in and around the city. 

Where to stay in Algarve – an accommodation guide

Embracing the balmy climes, Algarve’s accommodation provides luxurious summer getaways that line the coastal region, litter the lively towns, and fleck the verdant hillsides.  There are plenty of relaxing spas and top-notch hotels, budget hostels and homely serviced apartments.  Whether on a family holiday, group escape or couple’s retreat, Algarve can cater to any traveler.

Where to shop in Algarve – from handmade to high fashion

Algarve is jam-packed with shopping centers and high street stores yet still retains some of its traditional products in the form of its gypsy markets and independent stores.  High fashion outlets with designer labels neighbor craft stores that value traditional produce, from pottery pieces to leathers and linens.  Whatever you’re searching for in Algarve, you’re sure to find something at one of its malls, stalls or markets.

Where to eat in Algarve – a food and dining guide

The Algarve: a varied landscape of rolling hills and sweeping coastlines framed by the Atlantic Ocean.  Reflecting the region’s diverse topography, the Algarve’s food has developed in different directions.  Staple dishes and notable cuisines are a collection of sumptuous seafood recipes and hearty meals featuring tenderly cooked meats and home-grown vegetables.

A guide to Algarve – towns, trails and churches

As a diverse and varied region, Algarve is an interesting hybrid of natural charms and cosmopolitan perks.  Historical towns neighbor postcard-perfect topography; wherever you are in Algarve colorful views of the mountains or Atlantic Ocean will surround you.  Littered with beaches, the seaside hotspot is an ideal summer holiday destination, while the old towns and ruins cater to your cultural side.

Top 10 food and drink things to do in Lisbon

Garlicky shellfish, fiery chicken piri-piri and cinnamon-dusted custard tarts all land on your plate in Lisbon. Loosen a belt notch, book a Lisbon hotel and plan your foodie trip with this guide to the top 10 food and drink things to do in Lisbon.

Summer holidays in Lisbon

With delicious Atlantic breezes and a big blue sky overhead, summer holidays in Lisbon are outdoors and full of party spirit. Book a summer Lisbon hotel to catch the hottest festivals, laze on the beach or dine alfresco in the Moorish Alfama.

Short breaks in Lisbon – tram rides, custard tarts and bittersweet fado ballads

Lantern-lit fado bars, dreamy castle views and vintage trams are just part of short breaks in Lisbon. Use this inspirational two-day itinerary to get the most out of your stay in a Lisbon hotel.

Where to stay in Lisbon – a travel guide to Lisbon’s neighbourhoods

Straddling seven hills, each of Lisbon’s neighbourhoods has its own character. Book the right Lisbon hotel with this handy neighbourhood guide to where to stay in Lisbon.

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