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Hotels in North America

North America

North America Accommodation

In North America, accommodation choices are as numerous as grains of sand on a beach. Visitors of any preference and budget are sure to find their ideal lodging, though this process is made a lot simpler with our website! From there it’s all about planning your itinerary and selecting the accommodation that best suits it. There’s the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, the roots and history in Washington and the diverse culture and delicious food in New York. With over 50 states contributing their culture and history to the country, this ultimate tourist magnet is sure to surprise and please any visitor on their holiday.

Things to see

If you’re looking to treat the family with a fun day at Disneyland, then Anaheim is a great place to try. Seeking to finally view the iconic landmarks that you’ve only seen on TV so far? Then Washington D.C. is the place to go, with attractions like the White House and the impressive Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool.

Adventure seekers can head to Las Vegas and indulge in exciting activities like indoor skydiving, kayaking along the Colorado river, speeding in powerful race cars and horseback riding that includes a sunset dinner. If you want something a little more extreme, then maybe getting shot at over 4 Gs, 1,081 feet above the Las Vegas strip at the Stratosphere Hotel.

Hotels in United States of America

The hotels in America are sure to satisfy even the fussiest of visitors, ranging from the fancier hotels in San Francisco and New York, to the humble hostels and camping sites found in various other states. Getting around for most of the central areas is relatively easy, though you should research on whether driving is recommended for some of the ‘busier’ states. Other lodging options you can find are B&Bs, serviced apartments, motor lodges and caravan sites. It just depends on which state you’re in.

Where to stay

While there are over 50 states to choose from, it really depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re after interested in exploring the hustle and bustle that is New York, then Manhattan would be a great choice, seeing as how it’s accessible by its surrounding boroughs. The public transport system is pretty reliable, and driving is not recommended during peak hours.

If you’re looking to peek into the glamour of life behind the TV camera, then Hollywood is the pinnacle of attractions for fans of the US entertainment industry, providing visitors with history, culture and opportunities to bump into world-famous celebrities. Accommodation choices here vary from budget-friendly motels and hostels that provide clean rooms in convenient locations, to sophisticated 5 star hotels with charming furnishings, floor-to-ceiling windows and decadent amenities.

How to get to United States of America

Each state has their own international airport so direct flights are possible. Since transportation in America is very developed, getting to and from the airports won’t be a problem. Driving from one state to another is also possible, but you should make sure that research your route before hand as exits on the highways can be pretty far from one another.