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Nightlife and Entertainment in Broome - From Pubs and Bars to Open-Air Movies

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Despite its small size, the large number of visitors that come to Broome ensures a vibrant nightlife scene. Entertainment usually revolves around bars and restaurants, and other nocturnal distractions include live music. You will experience something unique if you visit the town's historic open-air cinema.

Central bars and pubs in Broome


You'll find plenty of bars and pubs in the town center. The Roey, in the Roebuck Bay Hotel, is a popular meeting spot that sprawls across several bars. The terrace bar at the Mangrove Hotel has ocean views. Captain Murphy's Irish Pub is another drinking spot favored by many. The town's only microbrewery is Matso's Broome Brewery. It has a bar and restaurant, and offers a cocktail menu.


Matso's Broome Brewery


Occupying a 1910 building that was formerly a bank, this pub and restaurant serves a wide range of handcrafted ales.


60 Hamersley St., Broome, WA 6725Tel: +61 8 9193 5811


Matso's Broome Brewery website


Captain Murphy's Irish Pub


Broome's only Irish pub - decked out in classic "wood and brass fittings" style - also serves food, and has regular live entertainment.


1 Weld St., Broome, WA 6725. Tel: +61 8 9195 5900


Captain Murphy's Irish Pub website

Cable Beach nightlife


Much of Cable Beach's nightlife centers on the bars and restaurants in resort hotels, but don't have to be a hotel guest to enjoy them. Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa has several bars. You can drink by the pool, or watch the sunset from a beachfront terrace. Away from the resorts, another popular gathering spot is Divers Tavern.


Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa


This modern resort has several bars, including one beside the outdoor pool. In the beach bar, you'll have views of the Indian Ocean at sunset as you sip cocktails.


Cable Beach Rd., Broome WA 6725. Tel: +61 8 9192 0400


Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa website


Divers Tavern


This lively, brightly lit, sports bar has live music several nights a week. The bistro serves steaks and seafood dishes.


12 Cable Beach Rd., Cable Beach, Broome, WA 6726. Tel: +61 8 9193 6066


Divers Tavern website


Live music and DJs in Broome


Most bands that play in Broome are local, but international acts do occasionally come to town. They generally play in the pubs, and performances are often free. Matso's Broome Brewery sometimes has live music on its veranda. Captain Murphy's Irish Pub also has live entertainment, as does Divers Tavern on Cable Beach. A reliable venue is The Roey; it hosts local musicians, as well as touring bands, both Australian and international, and DJs.


The Roey


The Roey has 3 bars with regular live music. A beer garden by day, the Oasis Bar becomes Broome's largest events venue at night, hosting international bands and DJs.


The Roebuck Bay Hotel, Dampier Terrace, Broome, WA 6725. Tel: +61 8 9192 1221


The Roey website


Movie theaters in Broome


Broome has 2 movie theaters offering very different experiences. Twin Cinema has 2 screens showing the latest releases. Nearby Sun Pictures opened in 1916, and is among the world's oldest open-air cinemas. It's also located close to the airport runway, meaning planes sometimes come in to land just above your head. You may not be able to hear the soundtrack on occasions, but that's part of the fun.


Sun Pictures


You'll sit in garden-like surroundings in this single-screen open-air cinema, which shows 2 different movies each evening. The seating area is partly covered if it rains.


27 Carnarvon St., Broome, WA 6725. Tel: +61 8 9192 1077


Sun Pictures website


Twin Cinema


Broome's more conventional indoor movie theater has 2 screens showing the latest releases. Some films are shown in 3D.


3 Weld St., Broome, WA 6725. Tel: +61 8 9192 3199


Twin Cinema website