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Kodaikanal By Night - Sunsets, Campfires, and BBQ Under The Stars

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In keeping with its origins as a hill station retreat, Kodaikanal is more a place for rest and relaxation than all-night revelry. Things do slow down after dark up here, but that doesn't mean you have to put yourself straight to bed. In town or out in the forest, you can discover a different side of Kodaikanal when the sun goes down.

Warming bonfires on cold, cold nights


The chilly night air of Kodaikanal is perfect for cozying up beside a roaring bonfire. Many hotels and guest houses arrange evening fireside barbecues so you don't have to wander off looking for a good meal or a lively party. After a long day of sightseeing or a tiring hike in the hills, you can unwind and swap stories with other travelers through the night.


The Fern Creek


This upscale resort provides a pretty high-end camping experience in luxury Swiss tents. After an evening meal prepared by a gourmet chef, you can sit on stone benches around the bonfire and enjoy the outdoors in maximum comfort.


Fern Hill Road, Kodaikanal 62410, Tamil NaduTel: +91 9360 213034


The Fern Creek website


Kodai Resort Hotel


This top resort on Coaker's Walk is secluded within a vast orchard-garden. Every night, the smell of flame-grilled meat and woodsmoke from the blazing bonfire are undercut by the soft smell of roses in the mountain air.


Coaker's Walk, Kodaikanal. Tel: + 91 4542 240632


Kodai Resort Hotel website

The Kodaikanal Bar Scene


Due to strict regulations in the state, only a handful of hotels are permitted to serve alcohol in Kodaikanal. Those bars that do sell booze make a special effort to impress their customers with relaxed lounges and extensive drinks menus. You can find a quiet corner for an after-dinner nightcap, or round up some friends for a long, lively evening of cold beers and cocktails.


End Of The Road


A charming rustic bar at the Carlton Hotel, with soft-lit grey stone interiors. You can look out over the shimmering waters of Kodaikanal Lake as you settle for drink at sunset and stay to watch the moon rise.


The Carlton Hotel, Kodaikanal 624101, Kodaikanal. Tel: + 91 4542 248555


End Of The Road website


Le Poshe


White walls and wooden pillars create an atmosphere somewhere between relaxed and refined at this popular watering hole. There's a wide selection of spirits and cigars to choose from, and a pool table for a friendly game or two.


Sivanadi Road, Kodaikanal 624101, Tamil Nadu,. Tel: +91 4542 240514


Le Poshe website


Natural nocturnal attractions


The waters, forests, and skies surrounding Kodaikanal can be enjoyed in very different ways at night. Trekkers can check into government-owned guest houses at Berijam Lake to hear the nocturnal sounds of woods and see the moon play across the dark lake. Higher up on the hill station, Kodaikanal Solar Observatory sometimes opens for public night-sky viewing sessions. The telescope provides an awe-inspiring window to the stars, especially spectacular during occultations and comet flybys.


Kodaikanal Solar Observatory


Established in 1899, the Solar Observatory sees a steady stream of visitors to its Astronomy Museum, where you can see live images of the sun. Occasional night-time openings let you watch the stars wheel overhead through the powerful site telescope.


Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Kodaikanal 624103, Tamil Nadu. Tel: +91 4542 240218


Kodaikanal Solar Observatory website