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Where to Eat in Pune – a food and dining guide

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Pune’s endless sprawling streets hide a huge variety of restaurants, from tiny family-run curry houses, where the secret spicy recipes have been passed down from generation to generation, to sleek and trendy establishments. But Pune also offers a strong street food culture, with hundreds of vendors cooking up a smorgasbord of delectable delights, ideal for a tastebud tingling late-night snack after bouncing between Pune’s bohemian bars.
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Pune has a strong vegetarian culture, with dozens of meat-free restaurants serving up Maharashtrian cuisine bursting with fresh veg, spicy lentils, and sweet flatbreads.

Deccan Gymkhana


The Deccan area is Pune’s cultural hub. Splurging morning shoppers hunt for bargains at the small shopping malls, hip theatre fans catch shows at the Balgandhaarva by night, and in the middle of this you’ll stumble across Café Good Luck. A renowned Pune hotspot founded in 1935, this Irani eatery serves some daring cuisine, including spicy lamb's brain. Don't worry, there's more approachable grub there too, and the overhead mist-sprinklers keep patrons cool in hot weather. For an inexpensive, canteen restaurant offering traditional thali selections, head to the Asha Dining Hall.


• Café Good Luck, Fergusson College Road, Pune; Tel: +91 202 5676 893

Asha Dining Hall, Apte Rd, Pune; Tel: +91 206 6027 149


Koregaon Park


Koregaon Park is Pune's affluent area, where chic designer clothing stores and sleek bars line the wide, tree-shaded streets. Head to the candle-lit haven of the Malaka Spice restaurant which provides spacious outdoor seating for hot summer nights. Malaysian cucumber and ginger salads and Chinese honey-garlic chicken are among the dishes to expect. For Western-style comfort food, head to Burger King - not to be confused with the fast food chain. This outdoor takeaway is a hit with students and serves up huge juicy burgers.


• Malaka Spice, Lane 5, Koregaon Park, Pune; Tel: +91 982 3064 050

Burger King, North Main Road, Pune


Shivaji Market


No trip to Pune is complete without sampling the treats served up 24 hours a day by the city’s dedicated street-food vendors. For an unforgettable midnight snack, head to the Shivaji Market area. The Dilshad Fruits stall sings with the bright reds, yellows, and deep purples of strawberries, bananas, and figs. Enjoy a dish of these sweet, ripe fruit - decoratively prepared - for very little expense. If you’re after something savoury, head to the nearby Farooque Bhai’s famous khichda stall, which serves up spicy meat and lentil dishes, sprinkled with fried onion and fresh coriander.


• Dilshad Fruits, Near Radio Hotel, Shivaji Market, Pune

Farooque Bhai’s khichda stall, Opposite Radio Hotel, Shivaji Market, Pune


East Street


Complete your culinary Pune adventure by paying a visit to one of the city’s most popular places, the Kayani Bakery. Set back from the buzz of East Street’s busy road, this old world bakery attracts crowds hungry for sweet sugar-coated Shrewsbury biscuits and soft spongy Mawa cakes - the bakery’s specialities. Be sure to get there early to sample these fine Pune delicacies. For some affordable multinational cuisine head to 11 East Street Cafe, and dine beside the wonderfully weird decor of street-lamps, fountains, and a red double-decker bus.


• Kayani Bakery, East Street, Dr Coyage Rd, Pune; Tel: +91 202 6360 517

11 East Street Cafe, 11 East Street, Pune; Tel: +91 204 1045 500