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Where to eat in the French Riviera

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With over 30,000 restaurants to choose from in the region, you'll be spoilt for choice. The French are famed for their food, and the Riviera is no different. Enjoy brunch in a street-side cafe, have a romantic dinner for two in a bistro, or go up market with haute cuisine: most restaurants you'll find will be independent, though the main cities dotted along the coast will also have their share of familiar fast food restaurants.

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French Riviera

Typical dishes found in the French Riviera, include ratatouille, a vegetable dish; salade niçoise, a salad which usually contains tuna, anchovies, hard-boiled egg and olives; and pissladière, an onion tart topped with anchovies and olives.




As one of France's biggest cities, Nice has a huge array of restaurants and cafes to enjoy, with a few regional specialities of its own. From the swanky wooden panels of Le Chantecler Hotel, to the haute cuisine ten floors up at La Terrasse, you can really dine in style. Or if you're on a budget, the traditional Niçois restaurant of Voyageur Nissart delights tourists and locals alike with its genuine homemade food including the likes of lamb with thyme, red mullet and other local favorites.


Le Chantecler, Hotel Negresco, 37 Promenade des Anglais. Tel: 00 33 493 16 64 00• La Terrasse, Le Méridien Nice, 1 Promenade des Anglais. Tel: 00 33 497 03 44 44• Voyageur Nissart, 19 Rue Alsace Lorraine. Tel: 00 33 493 82 19 60




The tiny principality is at the height of sophistication and while you may think that only of the richest of the rich can afford to eat here, there's actually a pleasant array of price points to suit all budgets. Up on the Rock, U Cavagnetu continues to cater to both tourists and locals, with its relaxing back yard terrace and selection of affordable local dishes. Meanwhile, if you want to splash your cash, Le Mandarine on the top floor of the Port Palace Hotel offers stunning views over the coastline and Michelin-style food.


Le Mandarine, Port Palace Hotel, 7 Avenue President Kennedy, Monaco. Tel: 00 377 97 97 90 90• U Cavagnetu, 14 Rue Comte Felix Gastaldi, Monaco. Tel: 00 377 97 98 20 40




While the glitz and the glamour of Cannes may inspire the imagination of top notch chefs in five star restaurants, there are actually a broad selection of small bistros offering seasonal fare and traditional dishes which you simply must taste while in the French Riviera. Up in the old quarter, tourists love Mantel, a vibrant Mediterranean style restaurant with simple fish dishes and catch of the day. And even simpler is the Bistro Gourmand, a bustling friendly place with a pavement terrace and an ever-changing menu that changes as often as the food on the market stalls do (which is where they source their ingredients.)


Mantel, 22 Rue St Antoine, Cannes. Tel: 00 33 493 39 13 10• Bistro Gourmand, 10 Rue Dr P Gazagnaire, Cannes. Tel: 00 33 493 68 72 02