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Where to stay in Hong Kong – from busy high rise cities to rural escapes

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With over 50,000 rooms on offer to tourists, you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for to suit your budget, style and convenience. Whether it’s a quirky guesthouse, lavish hotel or something a little simpler away from the hustle and bustle or right among it all, Hong Kong certainly knows good accommodation.

Pik Mei Lee

My Destination local expert on

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Island


If you have more than a couple of days, Hong Kong Island is a great place to stay. If you still want to be close to the sights and sounds, stay between Causeway Bay and Mong Kok. As transport is so good and cheap, you don’t have to worry about travelling the small distances to the main areas to shop and sightsee. Here style is still important, especially in Central which is near to trendy bars and nightlife.


Accommodation in Hong Kong Island offers the perfect location for sightseeing as many hotels are mere minutes walk, if not less to a metro station. There are hotels to suit a range of budgets, but due to the location, it is more likely to be reasonably up-market hotels.




With plenty of shops, amenities and views on offer, Kowloon is right in the middle of the action, ideal if shopping is the main entry on your itinerary. There are the huge shopping centers, temple street market and the ladies market nearby. The airport bus and metro lines are very close, so when heading home, the extra shopping is manageable! This area is often a favorite with first time tourists due to its convenience.


The busy and stylish Nathan Road is known in as the home for the cheapest guesthouses in town. Guesthouses are clean, well equipped, with very good service in the best location for shoppers especially and for sightseers.


Lantau Island


As part of the 260 outlying islands, Lantau Island has a slower pace with beaches galore. It is one of the three biggest islands, one of the best known and well connected with reliable transport links. The island was the first European settlement and was an important trading post for the British before transforming into fishing villages due to its many ports. Today, families will undoubtedly head here for the modern magic of Disneyland.


Nearby are hotels aimed specifically at the Disneyland goer; family friendly hotels near to the theme park. Complete with an indoor pool for the children and a relaxing spa and health club for the adults. Most hotels offer on-site restaurants too and help with tickets to make your stay simple and easy.


Victoria Harbour


If harbor views are on your list, then stay in Victoria Harbour. The natural harbor is known for its glittering colorful night lights and well organised busy streets built around it. The majority of the district is high rise buildings with balconies perfect for relaxing on to soak up the view, or even just watching the constant parade of boats sailing by.


High-rise smart and extremely comfortable hotels offer some of the most spectacular harbor views in Hong Kong. The area is suited towards couples, business travelers and those seeking an extra bit of luxury on their trip.


New Territories


If you’d rather stay away from the bright lights and only visit them as opposed to being surrounded by them, then take refuge in the peace of the New Territories. North of Kowloon, this area is often ignored by the time confined traveler. This non urbanised area is full of lush mountains, forests, natural parks and is well worth a visit for a rounded experience of Hong Kong - not just the shopping mayhem.


The New Territories is a great place to relax. Hotels in this area are often secluded and brilliant for peace and quiet. They also have the luxury of having more space than the more built up areas, not to mention the large pools.